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Prevention & skin examination 

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A regular skin examination is particular important for preventing skin cancer.   


Anyone can suffer from skin cancer but the risk of getting this disease is not the same for everyone. The risk of developing skin cancer can be influenced by genetic factors and by our behaviour and other diseases. As an example, the following factors can play a role: 


  • Lots of birthmarks, fair skin, freckles
  • Sunburn as a child or adolescent
  • Family history of skin cancer (parents or children)
  • Outdoor job/activities (construction, sport)
  • Drugs that suppress the immune response or HCT 


An examination takes around 20 minutes. After discussing any relevant details about your skin (sunburn, skin cancer in the family, etc), any skin changes are examined using a dermatoscope. Any skin changes are documented with photos or biopsied for further investigation in the lab. 


If the skin cancer is detected early, cells can be removed in our internal operating theatre by our specialist. Skin cancer preliminary stages (so-called actinic keratoses), which can become white skin cancer if left untreated, can be treated directly on site.  


Skin cancer is a disease which is very common in Switzerland. Estimates suggest that one in five people in higher age groups are affected. Even at a young age, parts of the skin which are commonly exposed to sunlight (e.g. face, decolletage, forearms or backs of the hands) are also vulnerable to the disease. Switzerland is one of the countries most affected by skin cancer. 

From diagnosis to treatment to follow-up care. Everything under one roof.

Dermatologie Klinik Zürich is the centre of excellence for general dermatology with a focus on skin cancer. At DKZ, skin cancer is diagnosed, treated conservatively or surgically and subject to regular check-ups - everything under one-roof. The optimal all-round support for skin cancer. 


If skin cancer is suspected, a sample will be taken from the affected area. This can usually be done at the screening. The skin sample is examined in the lab. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the type of skin cancer will be determined and the corresponding treatments discussed and agreed with the patient.

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There are various treatment options available depending on the type of skin cancer. The preliminary stages can be treated with icing, curettage, cream or photodynamic treatments. Other types usually require surgery. Procedures take place under local anaesthetic. Two points are important for us: the complete removal of tumour cells and minimal damage to the healthy skin. 


After successful treatment, the skin should be examined regularly as: The risk of a new case of skin cancer is increased if you have already suffered from the disease. We can also offer advice on this. 

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