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Dermatology Surgery 

Together with Mohs surgery, one of the main focuses of our skin competence center. 




Infrastructure and procedures at the highest level


DKZ has a certified operating theatre category I (OP-I) for all procedures. Thanks to the infrastructure and procedures at the highest level, and the specialized and experienced team, the whole spectrum of dermatosurgery is covered.

The most common dermatosurgery procedures

Skin Cancer 

If the cancer is detected early enough, it can be effectively treated and removed.

Changed or aesthetically disturbing moles

Preventive removal to lower risk of skin cancer.

Lipomas & Cysts

Cysts located deeper in the skin, or lipomas developing under the skin are removed.

Warts, abscesses and more

Smaller skin lesions are removed from the skin accordingly.

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Your route to healthy skin


During your initial consultation with one of our specialists, your skin will be examined. Depending on the findings and needs of the patient, the various treatment options will be discussed.


At a 2nd appointment, the surgical procedure takes place in our certified operating room. The experienced surgeon has access to an experienced team of medical office assistants, a technical surgical assistant and a specialist in anesthesiology, if needed. 

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