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We are Dermatologie Klinik Zürich. A modern centre of excellence for general dermatology, skin cancer and aesthetic medicine and we can be found in the Westlink Tower accessible from Zurich-Altstetten station. 


Please understand that the jobs are currently only available in German.


Dermatologie / Ästhetik

Mitarbeiter/in Empfang und Telefonie (m/w/d) 


Facharzt Dermatologie & Venerologie (m/w/d) 
80 – 100%


Dipl. Fachfrau/-mann Operationstechnik HF (m/w/d) 60 - 80%


Kosmetikerin EFZ/Kosmetikerin FA mit Fachrichtung medizinische Kosmetik (m/w/d) 
80 – 100%


Medizinische Praxisassistentin MPA (m/w/d)
100 %

«What is important to me? A motivated and organised attitude & enjoyment of the job »
«It is important to us that everyone works independently and responsibly and treats our patients with empathy.»
«Honesty, loyalty and mutual respect...and a smile»

We have asked our employees what they value in a team: 

Use of initiative  

We are always interested in people with skills that are compatible with our services.

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