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Almost everyone experiences eczema at some point in their life. 

The term “eczema” refers to skin disorders which present as itching and inflammation of the skin. Eczemas are not contagious and are easily treatable if their cause is known. Eczemas can have various causes: External influences (allergic and non-allergic contact eczemas) or internal causes (atopies). 

Contact eczemas  

They are triggered by contact with certain substances or materials. 


Allergic contact eczema occurs when your skin has developed sensitivity to a certain substance. This can be caused by almost any substance whether it is natural (e.g. cotton) or synthetic (e.g. nickel sulphate, skin care products).  


Non-allergic contact eczema can occur if your skin comes into contact with a substance that severely irritates it (e.g. cleaning products). 


Atopies are inheritable systems for the development of an allergy. Common presentations are neurodermatitis (atopic eczema), hay fever or pet allergies.  


Eczema can also occur if the skin is irritated by external factors (e.g. cold or humidity) over a long period.   


Your route to healthier skin 


To determine where the cause of your eczema lies, we first analyze the appearance of the skin change and discuss your medical history. Based on this, we can decide whether and what kind of allergy tests are useful or necessary. We have a wide range of test variants available for both contact eczema and atopy.    


For long-term healthy skin, the elimination of the underlying causes is central. Depending on the cause, we therefore treat with different therapeutic approaches. In many cases, short-term local therapy with ointments containing cortisone is sufficient. Also available are various medications and state-of-the-art biologics, which can control the symptoms very well. But here, too, it is very important that the therapy is tailored to your individual needs. Visit us. 

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