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Excessive Sweating 

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Sweating is an important part of the body’s temperature regulation. 


It is natural and healthy. However, severe sweating can lead to mental stress and affect a sufferer’s quality of life. We can use innovative treatment methods to help you bring your sweat production down to a comfortable and healthy level.  




Excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) often leads to significant insecurity and shame for sufferers. The disorder usually affects the armpit, hand and foot areas. Rarely, it affects the back, scalp, forehead and other parts of the body. The disorder can be isolated or occur as a symptom of another disorder (e.g. overfunction of the thyroid gland) Individual diet, such as the consumption of caffeine or spicy foods, can also exacerbate symptoms. Innovate treatments can be used to reduce this overfunction of the sweat glands to a comfortable level. 


We can help you determine which disorder is affecting your skin. To do this, we analyse your medical history, examine your skin and check your daily care products. 


The treatment of hyperhydrosis depends on the location and form of the disorder.  We have different treatment options available to reduce sweat production:  



  • Local treatment with medicated deodorants


  • Iontophoresis: Weak electrical direct current is used to transport ions through the skin to the body.


  • Treatment using aesthetic medicine: Certain substances can inhibit the overproduction of the sweat glands for several months. 
  • Surgical measures, e.g. removal of the sweat glands


  • Drug treatment: Local treatments are difficult to implement when large areas of the body are affected.




Depending on the therapy, a single treatment may be sufficient. In other cases, regular treatments may be required. During a consultation, we design a treatment plan you are happy with. 

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