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Skin Cancer

Early detection, advice, treatment and aftercare in our clinic.

Prevention & skin examination

In order to detect skin cancer early and treat it easily, you should undergo a skin examination by an experienced dermatologist annually. 

Examination and treatment under one roof.

As one of only a small number of private dermatology centres in the Zurich region, the DKZ offers the full ranbge of skin cancer care. In addition to the most modern diagnoses, we have a specialised category 1 operating theatre. This category calls for special requirements in terms of air hygiene, which significantly reduced complications at the surgery site and facilitates successful and aesthetically pleasing healing.  


Diagnosed skin cancer can be removed on site and you will we supported by the same team of specialists at all times. This creates trust and saves time and money.  

Your route to healthy skin 


Initial consultation

We examine your skin for any irregularities. Changes are examined using a dermatoscope. Irregularities are documented with photos or biopsied for further investigation in the lab.


Diagnosis & plan

We analyse the results of the examination and discuss the different treatment options with you. 



We remove the tumour in our internal operating theatre. 



Depending on the type of cancer, we remove the surrounding tissue during a subsequent appointment. We then examine your skin at regular intervals. 

 Better now than later. 

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Patients who have already suffered from a case of skin cancer have a higher risk of developing further cancer cells. In this case, a skin examination is recommended at least every six months. 


Follow-up checks for patients with a melanoma are carefully managed. They take place 2-4 times per year. Depending on the thickness of the tumour removed, the body is regularly examined for metastases using x-ray, ultrasound or computer tomography.

Tho P.

«I am very happy that I visited this clinic a long time ago and have already had optimal treatment there several times.... Everything is extremely professional and competent. My skin has recovered very well from years of sun damage. Dr. Michel is extremely competent in consultation, examinations and the procedures. ...»

Emra E.

«What I find very pleasant is Dr. Michel's calm manner, his analytical and competent approach and explaining the problem in a simple way and outlining the procedure. He is the only dermatologist where I have been able to see clearly noticeable improvements in my skin after each treatment. I can highly recommend Dr. Michel at any time!»

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