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Hyperpigmentation (Melasma) 

We can help you with extensive pigment disorders. 




Say goodbye to pigment disorders. 


Peels are used to treat severe pigment disorders. This treatment is the best and safest treatment for severe hyperpigmentation and is suitable for all skin types.


At the start of the treatment, as mask with ingredients inhibiting strong pigment production is applied at the clinic. Daily follow-up treatment takes place at home with regenerating and moisturising products with strong sun protection (SPF 130). The process takes 3 to 9 months and you are supported by a skin therapist. 

Treatment duration  

30 minutes at the clinic, Total treatment: 3 to 9 months 


By a skin therapist or medical cosmetician 

Number/frequency of treatments  

Check-up: every 6 weeks 

Treatment seasonality  

Autumn to spring


Not required  

Follow-up treatment  

Sun protection 

Ability to work and socialise 

After one day


After three days


CHF 1.200.– to  1.400.–

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