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Pigment and Ageing Spots 

Remove aesthetically displeasing spots. .




Uniform skin without spots. 


Pigment- or ageing spots often affect sun-exposed skin and are signs of skin ageing. Skin changes can be treated with the Pico laser or IPL lamp.


Laser devices are used to break down the colour pigments into very small particles without damaging the healthy skin cells. The broken down pigment is then eliminated by the skin naturally so that only the normal skin colour remains. 

Treatment duration  

15 – 45 minutes


By a skin therapist 

Number/frequency of treatments  

1 to 3 treatments 4 weeks apart

Treatment seasonality  

Autumn to spring


Not required  

Follow-up treatment  

Sun protection

Ability to work and socialise 



From the following day


CHF 120.– to 600.–

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