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Skin Rejuvenation with Radiesse 

We help get rid of your wrinkles 

Skin that looks youthful. 


Even with a healthy lifestyle and lots of exercise, out skin sometimes ages much faster than we would like. With Radiesse treatment, we can give your skin the youthful look you want.  



With skin rejuvenation using Radiesse your small and larger wrinkles disappear in the long term. Through the activation of collagen-forming cells, the body increases its collagen and elastin production whereby your skin structure is improved both on the surface and deeper down. The filler creates a natural lifting effect and gives the desired area new volume for a youthful complexion. 



Treatment duration  

45 – 60 minutes


By a Dermatology and Venereology Specialist 

Number/frequency of treatments 

Depending on indication: repetition after one year or after 3 months 

Treatment seasonality 

Can be performed all-year-round 


Not required 

Follow-up treatment 

Not required 

Ability to work and socialise 

From the following day 


From the following day 


from CHF 800.–

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