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Beautiful legs through the removal of varicose veins. 



Beautiful and healthy legs. 


We perform an in-depth examination and detect vein disorders at an early stage and can remove unsightly blood vessels.  


Small, blueish or reddish blood vessels visible through the skin are known as “spider veins”. They are often clearly visible on the surface of the legs and are unsightly. Sclerotherapy involves using a fine needle to inject a sclerosing agent in the affected blood vessel causing it to dissolve.  


Depending on the patient's state of health, it may be useful to perform an ultrasound examination beforehand in order to detect and properly treat any vein disorders. 

Treatment duration 

30 minutes


By a Dermatology and Venereology Specialist 

Number/frequency of treatments 

Approx. 4 treatments,

every 4 - 6 weeks

Treatment seasonality 

Autumn and winter


Not required 

Follow-up treatment 

Compression stockings

for 1 -2 weeks

Ability to work and socialise 



After one week


CHF 350.– per treatment
(both legs)

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