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Couperose Treatment 

Treat yourself to fresh and even skin. 



Redness is so yesterday. 


Couperose is diffuse reddening - particularly of the

cheeks and nose. Redness occurs due to

expansion of the blood vessels, which is particularly noticeable after

physical exertion, stressful situations or after a glass of wine for example. The expanded blood vessels can be treated using the IPL Lumecca device.


The IPL devices warms the small blood vessels and surface pigment spots using flashes of light. The production of collagen and elastin is also triggered. The treated blood vessels are darker after a few days and then broken down by the immune system.


You then have a fresh look with less pigmentation, redness and fine lines. 

Treatment duration  

30 – 60 minutes


By a skin therapist or medical cosmetician 

Number/frequency of treatments  

2 to 4 treatments,

once a month

Treatment seasonality  

Autumn to spring


Not required  

Follow-up treatment  

Sun protection

Ability to work and socialise 

From the following day




CHF 250.– to 550.–

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