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Wrinkle Reduction 

A fresh and energetic look for almost every day. 

Expression lines become deeper due to biological ageing. 


This effect can be optically corrected by wrinkle reduction treatment.   


As the skin ages, wrinkles on the face become deeper, particularly those caused by facial expressions (expression lines). The treatment has been established as the most common treatment worldwide for expression wrinkles on the face. During the treatment, a very small amount of muscle relaxant is injected under the skin. Thereby, the skin is relaxed, and the wrinkles reduced.  

Treatment duration 

15-30 minutes 


By a Dermatology and Venereology Specialist 

Number/frequency of treatments 

1 treatment every 3-5 months 

Treatment seasonality 

Can be performed all-year-round 


Not required 

Follow-up treatment 

Not required 

Ability to work and socialise 



From the following day 


CHF 250.– to 750.–

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