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Rejuvenate your skin. 




Pure skin rejuvenation. 


Microneedling is a skin-regenerating

treatment used for anti-ageing purposes, to reduce pigment disorders and to treat scars. We use the FDA-certified SkinPen which provides the best results according to scientific evidence.


During microneedling, a vibrating pen (SkinPen) makes thousands of microscopic holes in the skin. These microscopic holes close after the treatment and remain invisible but they trigger healing and rejuvenation  of the skin (cell renewal, production of collagen and elastin).


The results can be seen here:  


  • The skin is smoother, more uniform, fresher and strengthened
  • The upper skin layer is stabilised, which makes the skin healthier and more resilient.
  • Correction of scars and pigment disorders
  • Lifting effect for the entire face and long-term improvement of skin quality 

Treatment duration  

45 – 60 minutes


By a medical beautician or skin therapist

Number/frequency of treatments  

2 to 4 treatments,

every 2 weeks

Treatment seasonality  

Autumn to spring


Anesthetic cream,

30 minutes before the treatment

Follow-up treatment  

Not required  

Ability to work and socialise 

From the following day


After 2 days


CHF 250.– to 350.–

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