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Laser Hair Removal 

Discover the benefits of permanently smooth skin.




Shaving, waxing or epilating are so yesterday. 


Hair removal using highly professional and modern laser devices is a treatment to permanently remove unwanted hair. Using laser therapy, the hair is destroyed at the root.  


We work with an Alexandrite and NdYag Laser which allows us successfully treat all hair types.  


The focused laser beams destroy the hairs and hair roots in the area treated.  


Because the stem cells of the hairs are destroyed, the hair will not grow back once treated. You will see the results immediately after laser treatment and it usually takes 6 to 10 treatments to achieve smooth, soft and hairfree skin.  

Treatment duration  

15 – 180 minutes


By a skin therapist 

Number/frequency of treatments  

4 to 10 sessions at intervals

from 6 to 8 weeks

Treatment seasonality  

Autumn to spring


Anesthetic cream,

30 minutes before the treatment

Follow-up treatment  

Not required  

Ability to work and socialise 





CHF 150.– to 900.–

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