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Lip Modelling 

New voluptuousness and youth for your lips. 





Sensual lips


If your lips have lost volume due to age, we can give then new youth and voluptuousness by way of filling.



Our lips lose volume over time during the biological ageing process. Some people naturally have finer lips than they would like. Modelling can be used to build volume, accentuate the lip contours and reduce perioral wrinkles. A particularly fine injection of natural substance is used to optimise the shape and volume of the lips.  



For a completely natural effect, the treatment is individually tailored to your facial proportions.  

Treatment duration 

40 minutes


By a Dermatology and Venereology Specialist e

Number/frequency of treatments 

One time, as needed annual repetition

Treatment seasonality 

Can be performed all-year-round 


Anesthetic cream,

30 minutes before treatment

Follow-up treatment 

Covering lips

Ability to work and socialise 





CHF 600.– to 1.100.–

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