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Autoimmune Disorders 

We use our specialist expertise to stop your immune system from attacking your body. 

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In autoimmune disorders, the immune system attacks its own body.  


We use different treatments to treat your immune system where necessary and target long-term recovery. Autoimmune disorders refer to all diseases in which the immune system attacks its own body.  



Different environmental factors such as sunlight, infection or drugs can acts as triggers.  



Autoimmune disorders usually present as redness of the skin, itching and, rarely, the formation of blisters on the skin and mouth. 

Your route to healthier skin 


The first step is a detailed examination of the affected parts of the skin. We then analyse blood and skin samples since a microscopic examination of the skin structure provides information on the type of disorder.   


Depending on the type and presentation of the disorder, local therapy with anti-inflammatory creams (e.g. those containing cortisone) is frequently used. We also often use drugs to suppress the reaction of the immune system. The avoidance of triggering factors (e.g. UV light) also plays an important role here. We are confident we have a solution for you.

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Frequently asked questions 

How can I book an appointment?

The easiest way to book an appointment is online through the website using our binding appointment request. You can book an appointment over the phone. Please understand that you may have to wait at certain times of the day.

Will my health insurance cover my consultation costs? 

Yes, the DKZ is a private company which is 100% owned by the founders and employees. Treatments of a medical nature and billed according to the TARMED tariff are covered by Swiss health insurance companies, taking into account the deductible and excess and depending on the insurance model.


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