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Sexually transmitted diseases

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Sexually transmitted diseases are very uncomfortable for those affected. 


The field of venereology concerns the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. This covers all diseases that are transmitted by way of sex. The symptoms usually occur a few weeks after the infection and can present in very different ways:  


  • Syphilis: Redness and lumps in the genital area, swelling of the lymph nodes (Stage 1), formation of a non-itchy skin rash (Stage 2), damage to the heart, brain, bones, skin and other organs (Stage 3)



  • Gonorrhoea: Pain when urinating, smelly discharge



  • Chlamydia infections: Pain when urinating, unusual discharge, pain during sex, itching in the genital area



  • HIV infections: Fatigue, night sweats, fever, swollen lymph nodes, flu-like symptoms



  • Hepatitis: Exhaustion, loss of appetite, head, muscle and joint pain, nausea, stomach pain, fever, aversion to fat and alcohol



  • Genital warts: Formation of warts in the genital and anal areas



In addition to the most common diseases, there are also many other sexually transmitted diseases. We treat every type of sexually transmitted disease with the utmost expertise and discretion.   

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In most cases, a diagnosis is made by way of a swab, blood or urine test. 


Sexually transmitted diseases differ greatly from one another. Accordingly, there are many different treatment approaches:  



  • For bacterial infections (syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia), we recommend treatment with antibiotics, partly by injection.


  • Virological diseases (HIV infections, hepatitis) are usually treated with drugs.


  • Genital warts are treated with cream or laser therapy.

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