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Acne & Rosacea 

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Acne and rosacea are among the most common skin disorders affecting young people and adults.  


Both disorders can have different causes but are easily treatable. Acne and rosacea are often referred to collectively due to their similar symptoms. However, they differ in their origin and evolution. Differentiation by way of a detailed diagnosis is important in order to implement appropriate treatment.  



Rosacea refers to chronic inflammation of the facial skin and usually occurs in adult age. After reddening, which is triggered by the expansion of the blood vessels, pustules and swellings form. Rosacea can also be triggered by skin care products which are not suitable for the patient's specific skin type. Genetic predisposition, stress, diet, drugs or skin mites can also trigger the disorder.  



Acne presents as inflammation of the sweat glands and is often caused by hormonal changes. This means it is particularly common during puberty. It is usually weakly pronounced and disappears in adult age. We can help you determine which disorder is affecting your skin. 

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We can help you determine which disorder is affecting your skin. To do this, we analyse your medical history, examine your skin and check your daily care products.  


Acne and rosacea are easy to treat with drugs. As a rule, different cortisone-free creams are used. In severe cases of acne and in most cases of rosacea, low doses of antibiotics or vitamin A derivatives can also be prescribed. However, it is often much easier and better for the complexion for the sufferer to change their daily routine. Come and see us - we can help you. 

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