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Tattoo removal 

When it isn’t forever. 




Using the gold standard in the sector. 



Effective tattoo removal was a real challenge for a long time. Now, with the revolutionary technology of the picosecond laser, the removal of any tattoo is possible,


At the DKZ, we work with the Pico laser (Picoplus) as the gold standard in tattoo removal. Using this laser, the colour pigments are carefully broken down into very small particles in the skin which can then be better transported away by the lymphatic system compared with previous processes.


This means it is possible to have tattoos comprising one or more colours completely removed. And this is suitable for all areas of the body and all skin types. The complete removal of permanent make-up is also possible.  


Whether it is a new or established tattoo - or whether it has already been unsuccessfully treated with a different laser, we are confident we can help you using this new technology. 

Treatment duration  

15 – 60 minutes


By a skin therapist

Number/frequency of treatments  

3 to 8 sessions at intervals

from 6 to 12 weeks

Treatment seasonality  

Depending on the body part


Anesthetic cream,

30 minutes before the treatment

Follow-up treatment  

Nourishing and soothing cream 

Ability to work and socialise 



After 3 days


CHF 300.– to 500.–
per treatment

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