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Paediatric Dermatology 

Trust treatments concepts suitable for your child’s skin. 

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Children’s skin is different to adult skin. 


The skin problems suffered by the youngest patients are often different to those suffered by adults. The skin is more sensitive and children’s immune systems are not as well developed. This is reflected in the skin problems with which children and, indirectly, adults are faced.



On the one hand, pathologies are often different in children than in adults and, on the other hand, treatments must be suitable for more sensitive skin. The different presentations mean that children’s skin problems are a separate area of dermatology. An empathetic approach and the appropriate experience of the doctor are just as important.



The specialist in paediatric dermatology at the Zurich Dermatology Clinic is a father of two and has continued to educate himself in this area. 


Your route to healthier skin 


The skin is examined at the initial consultation with the child requiring treatment with our specialist. The different treatment options are discussed based on the findings and patient requirements. 


All paediatric dermatology treatments are offered from the treatment and removal of spots, warts, eczema and other child-specific diseases to surgical removal. We always address the worries and fears of you and your child. 

Frequently asked questions

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Nein, Konsultation in der DKZ sind nur auf Voranmeldung möglich.

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Die DKZ ist gewollt ein sehr multikulturelles Unternehmen. Neben Mitarbeitern aus der Schweiz (auch Ärzten) beschäftigen wir viele weitere Nationalitäten.

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