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Everyone’s skin is unique. With our wide range, we adapt each treatment perfectly to the needs of your skin. 

Marcel K., Zürich

«I have been a "guest" patient at the Dermatologie Klinik Zürich several times. Mr. Dendorfer makes an extremely competent impression and is very calm and businesslike in personality. So far I have always been helped in the best possible way... »

Daniela B.

«I found Dr. Michel's treatment plan to be very prudent, sustainable and transparent at all times. His empathy was and is unbelievable and I have never felt so taken care of...»

Daniela B. (continued)

«I was totally surprised by Dr. Michel's cutting-edge knowledge: old diagnosis, completely new (and effective!) path, which I would never have been able to take without him, his knowledge and his commitment to it. For me, he is my knight in shining armor (after more than 30 years free of symptoms!) and I am infinitely grateful to him and his team! »

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