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CO2 fractional laser 

Boost your collagen production. 


Stimulated by new collagen, your skin is tightened and lifted. 


Loose skin in the facial area, superficial and deeper wrinkles, acne, surgery or injury scars can be stimulated by the CO2 fractional laser to produce new collagen. It also has a tightening effect which lifts your facial features.



As a stand-alone treatment, fractional laser therapy is a good alternative to surgery.



Micro-injuries are created in the skin using fractional laser treatment. This warms up the tissue and activates the fibroblasts (the cells of the deeper skin layer), which accelerates collagen production. This process stimulates the strength and elasticity of the skin. Laser treatment does not leave any scars behind, and the surrounding tissue remains unharmed. 

Treatment duration 

30 – 60 minutes


By a Dermatology and Venereology Specialist 

Number/frequency of treatments 

2 - 4 treatments, once a month

Treatment seasonality 

Autumn till spring


Anesthetic cream, 30 minutes before the treatment

Follow-up treatment 

Sun protection and humidity

Ability to work and socialise 

After 5- 7 days


After 1- 2 days


CHF 350.– to 1.200.– per treatment

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