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Medical Camouflage 

We reconstruct your pigments. 




So it is easier to forget. 


In medical pigmentation (camouflage), permanent skin pigments are injected in order to create a more uniform complexion.


Areas of application for the camouflage technique include the reconstruction of nipples after breast surgery, the retouching of scars, loss of pigment in vitiligo, but also the edges of the lips after cleft palate surgery.


Firstly, the desired shape and colour is marked on the skin. Secondly, the skin is pigmented using very thin needles. Immediately after the treatment, the area looks darker but the colour loses 30 to 40 percent of its intensity in the first few days after the treatment. The desired result is visible after around 10 days and after 2 to 4 weeks a follow-up treatment similar to the first session is carried out. 

Treatment duration  

60 – 180 minutes


By a skin therapist 

Number/frequency of treatments  

From 2 treatments

Treatment seasonality  

Can be performed all-year-round  


Anesthetic cream,

30 minutes before the treatment

Follow-up treatment  

Sun protection

Ability to work and socialise 



After 3 days


CHF 250.– to 1.200.–

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